Big Tax Breaks For The Middle Class

8 big tax breaks for the middle class

Tax breaks aren’t just for the super-rich. Here are 8 tips that could save you money come tax time.

Tax breaks for the “rich” get a lot of attention, whether they permit major U.S. corporations to pay zero income tax or allow hedge-fund managers to treat earnings as tax-favored capital gains rather than ordinary income. But there are plenty of tax breaks available only for middle- and low-income Americans—and, in many cases, tapping into them is far easier than the accounting acrobatics the rich must use. Continue reading 

Best of 2013 Posts and Year Happenings

Year End Review 2013

3,2,1…..Happy New Year! Well almost lol. I am sure you are busy like me at this time of the year. I have only had my blog since February this year, but I have met a lot of really great bloggers! … Continue reading 

A Disney Wordless Wednesday That’s Oh So Fun!

Epcot Food and Wine Festival

Once again this week I am participating with some Disney friends for Disney Wordless Wednesday hosted by the fabulous Deb over at Focused On The Magic! ~ºoº~~ºoº~~ºoº~~ºoº~~ºoº~~ºoº~~ºoº~~ºoº~~ºoº~~ºoº~~ºoº~~ºoº~~ºoº~~ºoº~~ºoº~ Today we are featuring food, wine, and music so of course I just … Continue reading