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Hello my bloggy friend I am so glad to have a few moments of your day! Welcome, you are in for a special treat today! I have decided to start a new post series!

As you may or may not know on Mondays I have two blog series; one called Money Monday where I bring us ways to save us some money. And the other is my new Meatless Monday where I bring you a yummy meatless recipe!

On Wednesdays I have a series which features you my bloggy friends and your amazing projects on a post series called WoW Wednesday {If you want to be featured go here}!

Now I will be bringing you a blog series called Toast on the Town!

Toast on the Town with The Adored Home

This will be a restaurant review of local eateries in my hometown; Saint Augustine, Florida {and even surrounding areas}. Why you ask? Well, first for those of you who read my blog who are in driving distance I wanted to encourage you to try other places and not stay at the same old same old chain restaurants.

I feel I am truly blessed to live in the Nation’s Oldest City and it is beautiful. I love going downtown and I love trying new restaurants. Secondly, Saint Augustine is America’s oldest city so you just may want to swing by and pay us a visit as well. So I am giving you the low down on places to eat! Let’s get started!

Our stop today is GAS Full Service Restaurant where my hubby, and my parents stopped and said “filler’ up” which they surely did with meals made from scratch! GAS Full Service Restaurant is located on our beautiful Anastasia Island. I love so much about this restaurant I do not know where to begin.

It is locally owned by Ben and Lindy Loose and they pride themselves on being able to offer the freshest ingredients from around the St. Augustine area and it shows because they have been awarded Taste of St. Augustine Award {as well as other awards too} and rightly so! Their motto is, “We offer fresh local food you want to eat!” They also offer an extensive beer and wine menu. The beers are not your typical brews though, so if you love beer you must check these out.

When you sit down into this local eatery, which actually was a gas station at one time {hence the name}, the décor is so adorable from the gas tank handles on the doors to the sleek retro vibe inside.

Gas Restaurant Door Handles. The Adored Home

Gas Restaurant Door Handles. The Adored Home

A what I like to call the “Hello I am glad you are here treat” is the deviled eggs they bring to the table when you arrive as a welcome gift to you! They are said to be the best deviled eggs anyone has ever tasted. I have to be honest I do not like deviled eggs and would not try them, however, all the others agreed they are the best they have ever tasted; with a smokey flavor my father says. This makes me think of service stations of times past who would check under the hood as they filled up your gas tank. That’s how I see these; the check under the hood courtesy at the Gas Full Service Restaurant before they fill you up!

Gas Restaurant Deviled Eggs. The Adored Home

A Yummy welcome gift

Their menu aims to offer something for everyone from soups, salads, steak, sandwiches, meatloaf and seafood, but to me the only way to go is the burgers; especially the Jalapeño Popper Burger! First of all you cannot eat this enormous creation with your hands! You will have to use a knife and fork for sure! Listen to this, “Two 4 oz. beef patties stuffed with cream cheese, cheddar cheese, and fresh sliced jalapenos..grilled..then panko breaded and then deep fried and topped with Lettuce, tomato, onion, and ranch dressing!” Um yes! A-MAZ-ING! And this baby comes with a side which I highly recommend their homemade chips!

Gas Restaurant Jalapeno Popper Burger. The Adored Home

Gas Restaurant Jalapeno Popper Burger. The Adored Home

Their desserts are homemade each day and are to die for, so you will have to ask your server what the dessert is that day. However, this is my only warning; you will be so stuffed from the amazing food that you cannot eat dessert, so grab what they have and take it home for later!

I could go on and on about the fried green tomatoes which are fresh and locally grown and perfectly breaded served with an awesome ranch dressing as well. I love fresh and I love local!

This is an awesome place to eat and enjoy a nice evening. I can tell you now it is pretty popular so you will have a wait before you get a table! But everything in life worth anything is worth waiting for and this is worth waiting for!

My only wish list for Gas is a set of tables outside to sit while you wait for your table. {update to the post! They now have seating for waiting on a very nice deck! I am so thrilled for this!} But if this girl will stand and wait to eat this scrumptious burger then you know it IS worth the wait.

I am giving GAS Full Service Restaurant a glass raising cheers for a job well done!

The Adored Home

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Until next time,
Enjoy your day, your family, and your home! <3

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