Eating at Gaufres and Goods ~ Restaurant Review

It’s that time again this week where I am bringing you Toast on the Town, which is a restaurant review of a local eatery of my town St. Augustine, Florida. {Read more about why I do this here}.

Toast on the Town with The Adored Home

This week I was able to spend a wonderful 3 hour lunch with my friend, fellow blogger, and Alligator wrestler {ok she’s not a wrestler but she is a biologist lol check out her blog here}.

The restaurant is located on Aviles Street in downtown St. Augustine. This quaint street is lined with places to eat and shop. You really feel like you are on vacation when you are on this street.

Aviles Street St. Augustine Florida. Toast on the Town with The Adored Home

Aviles Street St. Augustine Florida

We chose a quaint restaurant named Gaufres and Goods which serves Polish and Greek Food.

Gaufres and Goods Restaurant. Toast on the Town with The Adored Home

Neither of us had eaten at Gaufres and Goods however we were very pleased the minute we walked in. The entrance is a cute room filled with memorabilia all on the walls. I love places like this with history.

Gaufres and Goods Restaurant. Toast on the Town with The Adored Home

We were greeted by friendly staff and we went into the next dining room and chose a wonderful table by the window overlooking Aviles Street. The place instantly transported us away from the hustle and bustle of our day to day lives and we felt like we were on vacation.

Gaufres and Goods. Toast on the Town with the Adored Home

Dining room with a view

I can tell you that the hardest part of the day was choosing what to eat! We wanted the Greek salad, we wanted the Greek Spinach pie, we wanted Grape leaves wrap, we wanted the coconut soup. We had such a hard time making up our minds. We ended up settling for the Greek Special which was a Greek Salad, A slice of Greek Spinach pie, and 2 Grape Leaves wraps. The salad was a wonderful traditional Greek salad with Kalamata Olives, tomatoes, feta cheese and a wonderful dressing!

Greek salad Gaufres and Goods. Toast on the Town with The Adored Home

Greek Salad

The Greek Spinach pie was flaky crust on the outside with cheese and spinach on the inside – very yummy. The Grape leaves wraps were awesome!

Greek Spinach Pie and Grape Leaves wraps Gaufres and Goods. Toast on the Town with The Adored Home

Grape Leaves Wraps and Greek Spinach Pie

I know they have homemade waffles covered in yummy goodness like Nutella and fruit but we were too full to try them. {However, ended up getting coffee ice cream on the way out lol}

I cannot say enough about the food, the atmosphere and the friendly service by the owners. This is a place I will be back to enjoy for sure!

To Gaufres and Goods I give you a glass raising cheers for a job well done!
The Adored Home

Gaufres & Goods on Urbanspoon

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Until next time,
Enjoy your day, your family, and your home! <3

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